Sens’O : LoRa Water Meter Sensor

Sens’O is dedicated to the measurement and transmission via LoRa radio network of the water meter index. It incorporates the following functions :

  • LoRaTM radio transceiver, bidirectional, long range and low power consumption, with an integrated antenna.
  • Optical coder for the detection of the meter cyble.
  • Electronics circuitry for the cyble direction of rotation detection and index counting.
  • Lithium battery for an operation of up to 15 years.
  • Plastic housing, IP68, which clips to the meter.

Sens’O, thanks to its data processing capability, can provide if needed a histogram of water consumption (Consumption in % /flow rate)

Sens’O transmits the following alarms:

  • Water reverse flow
  • Sens’O removal from meter
  • Water leak
  • Battery low

Operational parameters are fixed in factory. They can be updated over the air during operation: