LoRa Pulse Sens’O

Pulse Sens’O is a LoRa sensor designed to be operated with any device that delivers a pulse output (water, gas, electricity or energy meters). It communicates over LoRa secured, long range and bidirectional radio network.

It incorporates inside a plastic housing the following functions:

  • LoRa radio transceiver, with integrated antenna.
  • A Lithium battery (3.6V; 3.6Ah) and 12 years autonomy for one radio transmission per day.
  • 3 Pulse Inputs.
  • Plastic housing, IP55, 85x82x55mm.

LoRa pulse Sens’O operation is straightforward. Just connect the 3 Pulse inputs to the correct connector:

  • Input 1: Pulse1 input
  • Input 2: Pulse2 input
  • Input 3: Pulse3 input

Pulse Sens’O transmits regularly, according to configuration, meter index and alarms. It operates with most commercial meter products. Pulse Sens’O can handle 3 meters simultaneously. Practical use cases are:

  • Water meter with positive, negative and alarm outputs.
  • 3 Water meters with positive pulse output.
  • 3 Meters with positive pulse output (Water, gas and electricity)