Lora Meter

The DIGIMONDO LoRa®-Meter: electronic electricity meter for household and small business customers. The advanced innovation on the meter market– developed by specialists.

Due to deregulation in the electronic power supply market, new challenges, and the associated cost situation, emerged for the energy market.

As a result, cost-effective and standardized remote readout technologies become increasingly important.

The DIGIMONDO LoRa®-­Meter is designed and constructed to deal with these new challenges.

The LoRa®-­Meter is available for direct connection to the mains and fulfills EN-­ and IEC-­ standards for electronic electricity meters and isapproved according to the Measurement Instrument Directive (MID) and EMC.

Mains voltage3*230 / 400 V
Current range
0,25-5(60) A
Mains frequency50 Hz
Approval procedure
Accuracy class
Temperature range
-­25°C to +55°C (-­13°F to 131°F)
RegisterActive energy import, no tariffs (1.8.0)
700 g
Form factor
DIN terminal, three-­‐point mounting with reduced length
IdentificationManufacturer independent identification number DIN 43863-­5
MHz Band
868 MHz
Data rate
Payloadactive energy import (extensions for two energy directions and historical consumptions data)