In’O: LoRa State Report and Output Control Sensor

IN’O LoRa State Report and Output Control sensor is a sensor operating over the LoRa radio network and dedicated to transmit the state of its inputs and outputs to a remote managing system. It includes the following functions:

  • LoRaTM radio transceiver, bidirectional, low power, long range, with an external antenna
  • A Lithium battery (3.6V; 3.6Ah) and 5 year autonomy for one measurement and one transmission per day
  • Low voltage Power Input (9 to 15V and 300mW max)
  • 3 LED Indicators
  • 10 (ON/OFF) Inputs – 4 are available on HE10 connector
  • 4 Opto-Isolated Outputs – 2 are available on HE10 connector
  • Plastic Housing, IP55, 85x82x55mm

Applications of the IN’O LoRaTM State Report sensor are numerous: Industrial process control, automation, power line defect detection, etc.

Operation of the State Report sensor is straightforward:

  • Just plug in the external power supply to the corresponding input
  • Switch the operation switch to ON
  • The sensor is ready to connect to the LoRaTM radio network
  • It will transmit according to configuration: regularly or upon events
    • Input/output state
    • Power supply level
    • Output level configuration